• Joaquin Roibal

    Joaquin Roibal

    Graduate level Mining Engineer currently focused on implementing #python script to automate technical challenges. Interested in all things #StartUp

  • A Recovering Republican

    A Recovering Republican

    A former Republican’s thoughts on our experiment in democracy

  • A. Nonymous

    A. Nonymous

    I write about infidelity and how childhood affects adult relationships. Student of psychology, astrology, and life. Top writer in Infidelity.

  • Jack Luna

    Jack Luna

    I’m more than just a writer. Don’t bother looking for me on Twitter. This is my home at the moment.

  • The Dividist

    The Dividist

    Social liberal, fiscal conservative, civil libertarian, independent dividist, discordian provocateur, divided government, bad golfer.

  • Sonali Tewatia

    Sonali Tewatia

  • Trent C UAP

    Trent C UAP

    I am the leader of unknown abyss paranormaland the Vice President and the Head of Recruitment for NMPA

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